Illustrated by: Nankusiya Shyam
Age group: 9+ yrs
Publisher: Pratham Books

Bulli belongs to a village of basket weavers. When trouble strikes the community she decides to lend a helping hand.

Illustrated by: Gwangjo
Age group: 5+ yrs
Publisher: Karadi Tales

Dorje, a Royal Bengal tiger has lost his stripes. A metaphorical allusion to his fast dwindling clan. Will he ever regain them?

Illustrated by: Nicolas Chivaillier
Age group: 9+ yrs
Publisher: Scholastic

Find out how we can live in harmony with animals.

Illustrated by: Pulak Biswas
Age group: 3+ yrs
Publisher: Tara Books

Written in verse this story is about a scared tiger who has wandered into a village. "Get him! Net him! Tie him tight!" the local villagers say. But once they capture him, the villagers make a surprising decision about what to do with him

Illustrated by:
Age group: 9+ yrs
Publisher: Hachette

Rana, a young boy, fluent in Jungle Speak is assigned a dangerous mission to stop mass scale poaching of tigers

Illustrated by: Anoop Sreedharan
Age group: 9+ yrs
Publisher: Penguin

Tara’s father takes the entire family on a most unusual vacation—tracking Royal Bengal tigers in the Himalayan foothills! When the ten-year-old gadget geek stumbles upon an international tiger-poaching racket, she discovers that the real world is far more exciting than her virtual one.

Illustrated by: Bina Kak
Age group: 5+ yrs
Publisher: Tulika Books

Tiger cub Sultan and his Ammi have a special friend they call Junglee Bina. Bina’s stunning photographs of Sultan's life in the Ranthambore forest tells the story of a warm relationship between a woman and the wild.

Illustrated by: Sekhar Mukherjee
Age group: 7+ yrs
Publisher: Penguin India

The forest is disappearing and a lonely little tiger has no no one to play with.