Nayanika Mahtani
Anoop Sreedharan
age group: 
9+ yrs
Number of pages: 
tigers poaching
fiction, adventure


Tara’s father takes the entire family on a most unusual vacation—tracking Royal Bengal tigers in the Himalayan foothills! When the ten-year-old gadget geek stumbles upon an international tiger-poaching racket, she discovers that the real world is far more exciting than her virtual one.

“Ambushed” is very interesting and a captivating story that reveals how poachers are killing tigers for their own financial gains. The author has done her research on the Ranthambore Tiger Reserve and her effortless writing holds the interest of young readers even as she introduces serious issues like animal poaching and conservation.

The story succeeds in telling us that we have to teach our children to preserve nature. This message is brought out through a story that is relevant to our times- a generation that is immersed in technology and sidelines the joy of being in and one with nature.

It is also interesting to note that all royalties from Ambushed go to Tiger Watch’s Moghiya Education Programme for educating children of (ex) tribal poachers to give them a window to alternate livelihoods. Watch:

Reviewed by Donna Reen