About us

About Us

Young India Books is a website that exclusively reviews and promotes India-centric books for children. The books selected showcase the best of Indian books for children, in various genres.

Helmed by Shamim Padamsee, founder, the team comprises of a committed group of parents, teachers and educators.

We also conduct an annual award programme for schools titled The Leading Reading Schools of India Awards; to recognize and honour schools that inculcate a life-long love for reading in their students. 

 Our Vision

Enable Indian children from around the world to appreciate and understand their unique heritage; be it , flora, fauna, arts, culture and much much more in order that as adults, they will appreciate, protect and conserve.  


 Our Mission

* To promote quality literature about India for children.

* To assist various stakeholders - parents, teachers, librarians and book-sellers select appropriate books for children.

* To form partnerships with key stakeholders in order to enrich the quality of Indian literature for children.


 Our Offerings

Reviews: Indian books for children between the ages of 0 to 16 years of age - picture books as well as chapter books.

* Authors and Illustrators: Know who they are and what motivates them to write or illustrate for kids.

* Search Books: Find fiction or non-fiction books according to the school curriculum, age and interests of the kids.

* Aspiring authors: Find tips on writing for children. Experts share their insight to enhance your writing skills.