Dorje's Stripes
Anshumani Ruddra
Gwangjo , Jung-A Park
age group: 
5+ yrs
Number of pages: 
Karadi Tales
tigers Tibet poaching nature and wildlife conservation
picture book, fantasy


A moving tale, that beautifully conveys the sorry plight of the Royal Bengal Tiger. Found in the Sundarbans their numbers are decreasing alarmingly owing to loss of habitat and poaching.
Dorje, the tiger, escapes from the Sundarbans, where, his clan is being slowly decimated by mercenary poachers. He lands all the way in Tibet and takes refuge in a monastery.
However, by the time he reaches there he has lost all the stripes on his body. Stripes, that metaphorically indicate, the near annihilation of the magnificent beasts.

The young monks in the monastery are all heartbroken at Dorje’s plight. However, one day, a tigress appears on the scene and a small stripe reappears on his body indicating that there is still hope. If we all determine to save the tiger, a day will soon be here when they will freely roam the forests once again, without fear.

Beautifully illustrated, the soft gentle palette of the water-colours are not only eye-catching but also tugs at one’s heart-strings.

A must read!

Reviewed by Shamim Padamsee