Illustrated by: Sayan Mukherjee
Age group: 7+ yrs
Publisher: Puffin

A touching story of how a natural disaster brought out the best in people.

By: A Coven
Illustrated by:
Age group: 9+ yrs
Publisher: Duckbill

While working on the school project, Maitreyi and her friends uncover some shocking truths about their new classmates ...

Illustrated by: Pippa Curnick
Age group: 9+ yrs
Publisher: Hachette

Told with heart and humour, this book is a child's perspective on the refugee crisis,

Illustrated by: Ranjan De
Age group: 9+ yrs
Publisher: Tulika

A collection of short stories focusing on communal harmony

Illustrated by: Katie Bagli
Age group: 9+ yrs
Publisher: Shree Book Centre

A collection of 16 short and simple stories each one focusing on one aspect of the damage that man is causing to nature.