Ruskin Bond
Books by Ruskin Bond
Longing as an emotion, is simple. The longing for the familiar and for home, even more so. However, putting down this emotion in a way that can make...
Themes: coming of age, growing up, Himalayas, home, India, nature, Ruskin Bond, trees
Age group : 7+ yrs
64 pages
The earthquake has robbed the Burmans of the only thing that they possessed, their home! There was no money to repair the old house and it was...
Themes: caring, earthquake, natural calamity
Age group : 7+ yrs
100 pages
The five tales of danger and adventure in this collection have feisty characters that live life on the edge and combat grave situations with...
Themes: adventure, historical, value education
Age group : 9+ yrs
200 pages
Getting Granny's Glasses is a touching tale of a tender relationship between a young boy and his grandmother. This beautifully illustrated book also...
Themes: around India, family, grandparents, Utaranchal, value education
Age group : 5+ yrs
150 pages
For children unwilling to read too much print - for those who want lots of colourful pictures - or for parents who discourage children from reading...
Themes: grandfathers, humour
Age group : 7+ yrs
70 pages
Mr. Oliver’s Diary (which the author had nearly named Boys will be Boys) is a segment of the diary of a Prep School teacher (inspired by a real life...
Themes: school, value education
Age group : 9+ yrs
121 pages
What else can we have in the zoo?' asked Teju. 'We need more than a lizard.' When Mukesh decides to start a zoo with the help of his friend Teju,...
Themes: animals, Zoo
Age group : 7+ yrs
40 pages
A match lit and carelessly thrown away; a fire lit to keep warm and not properly extinguished; can both lead to disastrous consequences, for it soon...
Themes: caring, forest fire, nature and wildlife, value education
Age group : 7+ yrs
48 pages
The Cherry Tree is a sweet and charming book. It is a tale that gives the reader a brief insight into the life of Rakesh, a young boy, with his...
Themes: hope, nature and wildlife, perseverance, trees
Age group : 7+ yrs
38 pages
An Englishman living in India, with a penchant for the natural environment, Ruskin Bond’s work hearkens back to the days of the Raj, when...
Themes: jungles, nature and wildlife
Age group : 7+ yrs
198 pages
  Originating from his childhood experiences, most of them located in the towering Sivalik mountain range, the overarching theme of the book is...
Themes: childhood, differently abled, friendship, nature and wildlife, value education
Age group : 7+ yrs
190 pages
It seems that long, long ago in India, there lived manservants/maids who seemed to have a never-ending fund of stories for kids. Stories that poured...
Themes: adventure, humour, Jim Corbett, jungles, nature and wildlife, tigers
Age group : 7+ yrs
72 pages