Katie Bagli

Katie Bagli is a free lance teacher and is also passionately in love with nature. She spends much of her time volunteering for nature-related activities. She is a member of the Save Ranibagh Botanical Gardens Action Committee, which has been actively campaigning to save the thousands of trees in the Byculla zoo from being destroyed by the revamping of the place, as had been proposed by the BMC of Mumbai.

“BIRDS OF DIFFERENT FEATHERS” is the first of a series of children’s story books which she has set herself upon to write. Through these books, she hopes to hare her knowledge, to sensitise and to inculcate a love for nature among the young brigade.

Books by Katie Bagli

A collection of stories and information on birds of India interestingly put together

Age group: 7+ yrs
104 pages

A collection of 16 short and simple stories each one focusing on one aspect of the damage that man is causing to nature.

Age group: 9+ yrs

Learn about the amazing marine life in our oceans

Age group: 9+ yrs
109 pages