Ruskin Bond
Sayan Mukherjee
age group: 
7+ yrs
Number of pages: 
earthquake natural calamity caring

The earthquake has robbed the Burmans of the only thing that they possessed, their home! There was no money to repair the old house and it was impossible to now imagine constructing a new one. Rakesh is concerned for his grandparents and also for all the people who are stranded. Dolly wants her dollhouse back, not understanding the magnitude of the situation where the house they lived in is now reduced to rubble. The manifestation of nature is dangerous and serious; the calamity grave. The river is angry and everything is in disarray. There is widespread devastation, loss and suffering. How the Burman family rises above this rubble, calmly and stoically, is a role model for all. Their concern for others before self and to move on against all odds is exemplary.

Set in the hills of Shillong, Earthquake is a touching depiction of human values where the Burman grandparents watch over many children within extremely limited means. The portrayal of strength of positivity against all adversity, the survival of the Burman family and their faith in goodness of life, leaves a child with strong lessons to embrace. The book manages to gently teach children, without overwhelming them, on dealing with adversities.

The new edition of Earthquake is now available with colorful illustrations that are fun and contemporary. Crispness of the characters, engaging and vivid events and simplicity in the storyline; these are elements of all Ruskin Bond stories and Earthquake is no exception.

Reviewed by Ruhi Gurjar