The Cherry Tree
Ruskin Bond
Manoj A. Menon
age group: 
7+ yrs
Number of pages: 
trees perseverance nature and wildlife hope
Realistic Fiction


The Cherry Tree is a sweet and charming book. It is a tale that gives the reader a brief insight into the life of Rakesh, a young boy, with his grandfather on the outskirts of Mussoorie. The plot revolves around a cherry tree that is planted by Rakesh himself, his primal protective instinct toward it, how he comes to understand the significance of the circle of life and in turn, the values of hope and perseverance.

Along the story, the vivid descriptions and illustrations of the seasons, location of the cottage, the comparison between the growth of the tree with Rakesh’s growth from the time the seed was planted, and the various animals, insects, birds that approach the tree and the cherries themselves; virtually transports the reader into Rakesh’s world.

This book will be a wonderful read for any child, as it is both fun and educational. The only thing is that, at the beginning it wasn’t completely clear as to where the story was taking place, due to the description of multiple locations. But this minor confusion soon gets cleared as the story continues.

A delightful read.

Reviewed by Rifat Tejani