Mukesh Starts a Zoo
Ruskin Bond
age group: 
7+ yrs
Number of pages: 
Zoo animals
fiction, humour


What else can we have in the zoo?' asked Teju. 'We need more than a lizard.'

When Mukesh decides to start a zoo with the help of his friend Teju, little does he know it's no child's play. He and his friends work hard at finding animals, and making them enclosures in their zoo. With a house lizard, a parrot that chants prayers, a dog with yellow eyes, and the washerman's donkey as their star attractions, how could they possibly fail! But when visitors are escorted around the zoo, there is complete pandemonium, ensuing in some rather comical results. Does Mukesh succeed in his dream of becoming a star zookeeper? Peppered with endearing characters and delightful artworks, this story brings alive one of Ruskin Bond's most unforgettable tales.

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