Gulla and the Hangul
Proiti Roy
age group: 
5+ yrs
Number of pages: 
value education shepherds nature and wildlife kashmir hangul earthquakes a
Picture book, fiction


Gulla and the Hangul is a simple story of a kind-hearted shepherd boy.  It beautifully captures the gentle pace and beauty of life in a Kashmiri village and is a gentle reminder to children on the importance of conservation.

Our fun-loving hero, Gulla, is full of curiosity and innocence.  His close bond with nature and her creatures forms the basis of a very well told story. 

Against the backdrop of the underlying disquiet in the Kashmir valley, the reader is gently drawn into the routine of the young shepherd boy.   It takes a sudden dramatic turn when Gulla spots a hangul, a young deer, being chased by dogs. He runs behind it to try and save it from a vicious end. Having saved the hangul, he now has to overcome fears that night usually brings.   Men who fire guns, dangerous animals on the prowl and Banbudhiya, the wicked old woman of the forest - as legends go.

He braves it all in his effort to protect the little animal - and is well rewarded.

Soft, appealing colours, flowing lines of the illustrations and good background detailing, aid and support the narrative throughout the story.

Familiarizing the reader with local words, food and common terms from this region of India are an added bonus in a good narrative.

This book is also available in Hindi, Tamil, Malyalam, Kannada, Telugu, Gujarati, Bangla and Marathi 

Reviewed by Rama Bishnoi


A very touching ecological tale!!

If we want children to develop love and concern for the environment, we need to invigorate ecology with emotions because only emotions that affect the heart can bring a change of attitudes. That is exactly what this beautiful story is doing!!

I like this book because the brave and selfless boy Gulla has risked his life to save a Hangul a type of a deer who is being chased by two stray dogs.

The Hangul is actually a spirit of the eternal snows. His name is Sheen. Since Gulla saved him Sheen grants him a wish.

Gulla who could have asked for anything asked the spirit that there should be no earthquakes in the Valley of Tangdhar.

Vivaan Tasker
Grade 3
MET Rishikul Vidyalaya