Mariam Karim-Ahlawat

About me:

I was born in Lucknow and grew up in Army cantonments. My parents allowed us to keep a virtual menagerie of
animals, from dogs and cats to an owl and a mongoose.

I am married to Sudhir, who is in the army and we have a teenage son, Siddharth.

I am pedagogue of French language and literature and a writer of fiction for children and adults.
I was educated at the JNU, Delhi and the Sorbonne in Paris.

I love writing. My first book for children was, Tales Old and New, Harper Collins India 1994

My first novel: My Little Boat, Penguin India 2003 . Nominated for the IMPAC International Award 2005
My second novel: The Bereavement of Agnes Desmoulins Longlisted for the Man Asian Prize 2010.
My first play: The Betrayal of Selvamary Short listed for the Hindu Metro Plus Playwright Award 2010.

My motto in life: Development is worthless sans humanity and compassion for all living beings.

Books by Mariam Karim-Ahlawat
Gulla and the Hangul is a simple story of a kind-hearted shepherd boy.  It beautifully captures the gentle pace and beauty of life in a Kashmiri...
Themes: a, earthquakes, hangul, kashmir, nature and wildlife, shepherds, value education
Age group : 5+ yrs
24 pages
A girl from a Bengali fishing community saves two dolphins from certain death when they swim into her flooded house. To prevent them from being...
Themes: Bengal, children around India, dolphins, floods, Ganga, rivers, value education
Age group : 5+ yrs
24 pages
The King and the Kiang is a breathtaking story of a young strange girl called Kunzang with wild red hair, crimson eyes and magical powers.  Set...
Themes: nature and wildlife, Sikkim, tales around India
Age group : 5+ yrs
24 pages