Rama Bishnoi

Rama Bishnoi is a management consultant, visiting faculty at leading management institutes and mother to a 15 year old son.

She has a B.Sc degree in Physics and an MBA from the Symbiosis Institute of Business and Management (SIBM), Pune.

Eighteen years ago Rama quit her job as General manager at Trikaya Grey Options –a leading corporate and financial advertising company to become a management consultant and to devote time to her other loves which include music, river rafting, astronomy and nature.

It also allowed her to devote time to bring up Sooraj, now aged fifteen, and to share her interests with him. She went to business meetings taking her baby along in a “kangaroo pack”, attended music concerts, and traveled extensively. By reading to him at every opportunity she inculcated in Sooraj a lifelong passion for words which has found expression in the form of articles, poems and plays ,many of which have been published. He is also an outstanding musician and budding naturalist.

She says, “I believe that every child has that special something in which they can lose themselves in. We need to give them the time and exposure to inculcate and develop this special talent. Very often, one creative pursuit leads to another.”

Mrs. Bishnoi is actively involved with the NGO Akanksha as a volunteer training underprivileged kids in music and drama.