Illustrated by:
Age group: 9+ yrs
Publisher: Hachette

A collection of ten stories about mothers for children

Illustrated by: Partho Sengupta
Age group: 3+ yrs
Publisher: Pratham Books

When a little boy wishes goodbye to all his 'friends' with a "See You Tomorrow," he is in for a big surprise.

Illustrated by: Neetu Sharma
Age group: 3+ yrs
Publisher: Scholastic

A great book to teach rhyming words!

Illustrated by: Srividya Natarajan
Age group: 3+ yrs
Publisher: Tulika

Join Kiran in his mini-adventure inside the house as he looks for his mother.

Illustrated by: Bahadur Chitrakar
Age group: 5+ yrs
Publisher: Pratham Books

A day in the life of a mother in rural India painted in the Kalighat patachitra style of folk art

By: Shankar
Illustrated by: Pulak Biswas
Age group: 7+ yrs
Publisher: CBT

When Ravi captured a baby squirrel and kept it in a cage, he realised that animals were better off in their own 'homes'.

Illustrated by: Pooja Pottenkulam
Age group: 7+ yrs
Publisher: Young Zubaan

A little girl takes matters in her own hands to summon up some sunshime for her mother.