Sunshine for Amma
Zakir Hussain
Pooja Pottenkulam
age group: 
7+ yrs
Number of pages: 
Young Zubaan
value education sun mothers health education family
picture book, fiction

In this story of hope and faith, little Saeeda's mother is sick and has tried various remedies but with no effect. Finally, when the doctor is summoned, he prescribes fresh air and sunshine along with the medicines. But the days are cloudy, so Saeeda pleads with a ray of sunshine to come and heal her mother.

Even though, clouds are rolling up in the sky and it looks like another gray day, the ray insists that they all shine for Saeeda's Amma, after all, a promise is a promise. "She must keep her word. What will Saeeda think? That people in the sky have also begun telling lies?"

In this charming tale Dr Zakir Hussain pooh-pooh's the old wives tales and implies that sound advise from a good doctor along with the healing power of nature is the best medicine. He also reiterates that faith can move mountains - in this case, clouds!

The illustrations dark in the beginning turn bright and cheerful in the end as the rays light up Saeeda's world.  

Reviewed by Shamim Padamsee