Mom & Me
various authors
age group: 
9+ yrs
Number of pages: 
value education mothers family

A nicely mixed collection of ten stories by well-known authors.

They range from an accident that could have been fatal, but wasn’t; to the tale of a boy who taught his elderly neighbour to send emails instead of letters! (I really loved this story because when I got my first computer, my best teacher was an eight year old!) The Princess of Beans combines fairytale with history. Adi plans to run away to USA, but discovers it’s not so easy! Peechu, a differently-abled boy, thrills everyone when he learns to write ‘Ma’. Nina hears her mother singing one day, and realizes that she has a beautiful voice. A click-happy mother makes a collage of photos of her daughter’s life, but it is only when a friend admires it that Amanya realizes her mother is a great photographer.

The last story tells the story of Mother’s Day, and includes some historical notes on ancient ways of honouring mothers. These are real children (and mothers) that we can all relate to. ‘

Mom & Me’ also includes a section on crafty things to make for mothers (though I am sure fathers would appreciate some of them too!) The craft projects are quite basic, and most can be made unaided by any girl or boy able to follow the simple instructions. They include a couple of recipes (a smoothie and ice-pops) which I was tempted to try.

A book that children and their mothers will enjoy. 


Reviewed by Jane Bhandari