Niloufer Wadia
Books by Niloufer Wadia

Adil's friends decide to gift him a pair of shiny brown shoes for Eid. And then begins the problem...

Age group: 7+ yrs
32 pages

Xerxes' mother wants him to be like JRD Tata, but all Xerxes wants is to be like his Grandpa

Age group: 9+ yrs
80 pages

hrough interesting narratives and fun illustrations, Girl Power transports you to the world of 50 remarkable Indian women who changed the rules of the game.

Written in an unusual format, each ‘bite-sized’ story examines a landmark moment in the life of the particular woman exemplifying how each went against the norm to become a role model.

Age group: 12+ yrs
112 pages

When the lights go off, it is little Kanna who coolly leads everyone to safety. Light or no light, it makes no difference because he can't see anyway. A story that inverts the notion of ‘disability' — and even a chance to have some fun!

Age group: 5+ yrs
24 pages