Girl Power
Neha Hiranandani
Niloufer Wadia
age group: 
12+ yrs
Number of pages: 
great women of India
biography, non-fiction


hrough interesting narratives and fun illustrations, Girl Power transports you to the world of 50 remarkable Indian women who changed the rules of the game.

Written in an unusual format, each ‘bite-sized’ story examines a landmark moment in the life of the particular woman exemplifying how each went against the norm to become a role model.

Scientists, artists, freedom fighters, and business moguls – the book features these and more. The stories include women from across the country, equally representing each region. The list features contemporary women including Olympic medallist PV Sindhu as well as historical figures like the warrior queen Abbakka who singlehandedly defeated the Portuguese six times! Household global icons such as Priyanka Chopra get a spot, as do real-life heroines such as Subhasini Mistry who worked as a maid before winning a Padma Bhushan for healthcare, and Chandro Tomar, the octogenarian sharpshooter, popularly known as Revolver Dadi. (complete list at the end)

Viewed as individual vignettes or as an anthology, this book is the definitive rebuff to the ‘damsel in distress princess story’. Far from waiting to be rescued, this collection celebrates women who decided to be the heroines of their own stories and write their own fate, unafraid of getting their hands dirty or swimming against the tide. 

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