Lavanya Karthik
Books by Lavanya Karthik

The inspiring journey of Abdul Kalam from a small town to the Rashtrapati Bhavan

Age group: 9+ yrs
103 pages

A medley of experiences in a 12 year old school girl 's life - some good, some bad and some hilarious!.

Age group: 9+ yrs
76 pages

Apoorva Joshi is asked to be the secret Agony Aunt. Can she help others solve their problems?

Age group: 9+ yrs
72 pages

From Near Threatened to Critically Endangered, which are some of these animals in India? Where are they? Why are they vanishing? And what can we do about it?

Age group: 9+ yrs
68 pages

A laugh out loud story that makes you fall in love with Apoorva and tells children in a non-didactic manner that looks don't matter - it's the heart that does.

Age group: 9+ yrs
84 pages

Learn to speak Hindi and even clouds in this book creatively illustrated by collage

Age group: 3+ yrs
20 pages

Nurturing the power of observation and a sense of discovery in young children.

Age group: 0-3 yrs
12 pages