Kavita Singh Kale

The artist, film maker and illustrator, whose roots are from Himachal Pradesh, grew academically as a painter with BFA degree in painting from College of Art, New Delhi and did her post graduation in animation films from National Institute of Design, Ahmadabad, India.

She has been drawing and painting ever since she can remember, however, her journey of doing books for children started in full swing after getting associated with Tulika Publishers.

“Illustrating for children is like trying to see things from their point of imagination and their interpretation of story.” She says.

She loves to travel, meet different people and understand different cultures. That is a never-ending source of inspiration for her art and design.

“Keeping abreast of changing trends and constantly learning keeps me evolving as a person,” she says.

You can learn more about Kavita from her blogsite, http://kavitasinghkale.blogspot.com/ and visit her on her website http://undergroundworm.tv/

Books by Kavita Singh Kale

A child disappointed at not being selected for the school play decides to create his own fun.

Age group: 5+ yrs
24 pages

A very hungry caterpilar eats the leaves from Brahma's favourite plants incurring Brahma;s wrath with surprising results.

Age group: 5+ yrs
24 pages

A whirlwind tour of ancient India's historical background

Age group: 9+ yrs
116 pages

An innovative concept initiating children to the world of social networking

Age group: 12+ yrs
100 pages

The clever crow chances upon the peacock's palace and wants to enter it - by hook or by crook.

Age group: 5+ yrs
24 pages