My Facebook Friends
Kavita Singh Kale
age group: 
12+ yrs
Number of pages: 
professions friendship facebook
picture book, non-fiction


Double credit to Kavita Singh Kale for writing and illustrating My Facebook Friends and Initiating children to the world of social networking, and for creating a visual delight! Brahma’s Butterfly, Pavo and Cavo, Jalebi Curls and now, My Facebook Friends, adding to her list of visually vibrant creations.

My Facebook Friends is a stimulating tour for children as they get introduced to the author’s friends from different parts of the world...USA, Spain, Kenya, France, Tibet, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal and South Korea. The author unveils one day in the lives of her friends dwelling in different countries. She details their profile, moments that she spent with them and the location and history of each place.

My Facebook Friends has been inspired from one of Kavita Singh Kale’s paintings. This secret is revealed in the end which adds an
interesting twist to the book that compels you to go back to the cover page and read it all over again.

A story weaving the daily life of all the Facebook Friends would have further enriched the reading. What this book does offer, however, is a different and an interesting format as a reference resource for schools to introduce children to lifestyle, professions, cultures and places of interest around the world.

Reviewed by Ruhi Gurjar