Odyssey in the Ocean
Katie Bagli
Katie Bagli
age group: 
9+ yrs
Number of pages: 
Shree Book Centre
nature and wildlife marine life environment conservation
realistic fiction


In the vast ocean live myriads of creatures - big and small. From the humongous whales to the tiny coral forming polyps, from flying fish that skim the surface of the waters to the angler fish that dwell at the bottom of the ocean. The author has successfully woven stories around each of them, keeping in mind their unique intrinsic qualities.

All the stories are educative, one learns as one reads. For example, in the story Octopuses in Action, through the adventures of Nibbly, the arm chewing octopus, one learns that they are able to grow new tentacles in six weeks, that their defense mechanism is to squirt ink over predators to confuse them. We also learn how they camouflage themselves and how they use the powerful suction cups in their tentacles for hunting as well as to overcome predators - phew!

In another story, An Enchanting Gift, whilst one is busy rooting for the young man, Bijou, to be united with his beloved, one is learning all about pearl fishery. How pearls are formed, the different varieties of oysters and the pealrs that they produce as well as the method of pearl harvesting as was wont to by the traditional skin-divers.

Each story also has an interesting tid-bit articulated from the perspective of the creature itself as well as some amazing facts included.

By the time one has read all eighteen stories and all the tiny little tid-bits, one would be able to rattle off information about sea-horses, flying fish, pearl growing mollusks, hermit crabs, coral reefs, starfish, archer fish and much, much more.

A well-researched book with a strong conservation message, one that will not only get our kids interested in marine life but will also inspire them to protect the ocean and its denizens.

A must for every school library!

Reviewed by Shamim Padamsee