Sabri's Colours
Shailaja Jain
age group: 
5+ yrs
Number of pages: 
value education ragging Madhya Pradesh colours children around India artists
picture book, fiction


Sabri’s Colours is a moving story of a young girl and her love for drawing.

Sabri uses all her idle time capturing her experiences through her drawings, which would be anywhere and everywhere. Her accomplice to all this was her solitary pencil. These drawings would depict her world, her family and the natural wonders that are an integral part of her life in the village. Sabri’s yearning to bring colour to her drawings, and her inability to do so, due to lack of such luxuries as crayons and paints, make you feel like reaching out and giving her every possible colour in the world.

Set in a tribal village of the Nimar region in Madhya Pradesh, this story brings out the inherent culture and traditions of the village in which she lives and the illustrations almost transport you there.

Some of the local vocabulary used in the story is cleverly explained in the illustrations.

The beautiful illustrations completely capture the different moods of the story and keep the interest of the reader alive. One would have been happier if the story had ended more positively with Sabri having had some of her wishes fulfilled. 

Reviewed by Priyamvada Das