Razia and her Pink Elephant
Mukul Dube
Fahad Faizal
age group: 
7+ yrs
Number of pages: 
humour elephants
Picture book, fiction


A delightfully different book. It starts by narrating a story of Razia and her Pink Elephant but like a wayward mind, in which one thought leads to another, the story jumps from one zany situation to another with the reader finding herself on a roller-coaster ride of sorts.
Starting with a gang of gulli-danda playing senior citizens, to Razia’s dad who has an extremely dull job making trains run on time and ensuring that hens lay enough eggs, to Sher Singh, the elephant who is a taster in a carrot canning factory, to Natasha the enterprising courier pigeon, and so on, only to find that the story of Razia that seemed to be lurking right round the corner, will alas remain untold. As, the pages of the book were exhausted.

This wacky story is sure to delight children and will probably entice non-readers with its light-hearted humour.

A zany story needs zany illustrations and the illustrator has more than succeeded in creating images that will have kids poring over them, enjoying the quirky little idiosyncrasies.

Reviewed by Shamim Padamsee