Mukul Dube

Mukul Dube wears a lungi and a big grey beard. He gets Soul Food (although he does not believe in souls or in any other stuff to do with any religion) from children and dogs, and now and then from cats also. His portrait here was made, several years ago, by his Lady Friend Jaya Misra. A Lady Friend is legally defined as "a darling human female under the age of ten". Once appointed, a Lady Friend remains that for life: so he has some who are now well over 45.

The old chap doesn't talk about himself because he's usually busy writing, or ruining other people's writing (he calls this "editing"), or taking photographs, or cooking cheese omelettes, or making coffee that is widely held to be the world's finest, or repairing motorcycles or electric fans, or ironing shirts or nappies, or ... composing a silly profile like this one for a web site.

Books by Mukul Dube
A delightfully different book. It starts by narrating a story of Razia and her Pink Elephant but like a wayward mind, in which one thought leads to...
Themes: elephants, humour
Age group : 7+ yrs
48 pages