Kama vs Yama (Fun in Devlok series)
Vishal Tandon
age group: 
7+ yrs
Number of pages: 
Mythology humour


Having loved what the Percy Jackson books did for Greek myth, I have for long wondered if we would ever have something on our mythology. Something that would contemporize our gods and goddesses, and bring out their fun side. Something that would demystify our myths. And that’s what mythologist and author Devdutt Pattanaik has set out to do with his Fun in Devlok series.

Of the two latest additions to the series, Kama vs Yama brings two gods who can't be more different! Kama, the god of love and, Yama, the god of death land in the garden of Jayshree, a precocious little girl. The two gods disagree on everything and Jayshree is soon caught between the two, unable to decide who is better than the other. One insists on all play and no work while the other demands that it be all work and no play. Some verbal jousting follows and the two gods pull out little anecdotes from mythology to defend their stand. A pretty fun way to learn about them.

I think the books work best when a parent can read it with the child. Its not a read-aloud but there are little details that children may need some help with.

The books are a handy size, with interesting covers. Open the books and the font is nice and easy on the eye and the black and white illustrations do lend a certain charm. The stories themselves are simple, offering a setting to introduce the gods and goddesses. What I really liked were how games that children play create the fun element.

Devdutt Pattanaik certainly knows his mythology well and has carefully chosen the gods and the stories he has portrayed in these books.

Reviewed by Aravinda Anantharaman