Hanuman's Adventures in the Nether World
Srivi Kalyan
age group: 
7+ yrs
Number of pages: 
Indian mythology
picture book, mythology


Hanuman's adventures in the nether world is a tale from India mythology retold by Madhavi Mahadevan. The author introduces the reader to some of the lesser known characters of the Ramayana through their encounters with the monkey warrior Hanuman.

The story unfolds like a true blue thriller, full of action, twists and turns leaving the reader gasping at the pace of events.
Old familiar characters from the Ramayana give way to introduce newer characters like Mayil Ravana the magical genius who also happens to be Ravana's brother.Hanuman is forced to delve beneath the deepest depths of the ocean to reach Paatal Lanka -the abode of Mayil Ravana.

The account of how Hanuman overcomes the challenges in his attempt to vanquish the wily asura to free his beloved Lord Rama and Lakshmana provides a thrilling climax.
The beautiful narration also draws attention to the soft and vulnerable side of Hanuman which makes us realise that even great warriors need love and support to achieve success.

The action packed narrative, ably supported by dynamic illustrations by Srivi is presented in a visually attractive manner that is very reader- friendly.

A wonderful read which will prove enjoyable for readers over a wide age group.

Reviewed by Rama Bishnoi