Dancing on Walls
Shamim Padamsee
Uma Krishnaswamy
age group: 
3+ yrs
Number of pages: 
Warli art value education children around India moon folk art family
picture book, fantasy

Dancing on Walls is a fabulously woven story which takes the reader through an incredulous journey keeping them riveted through the entire story.

The story of a little girl, Shirvi, from a small village tucked in the hills of Sahyadari near Mumbai, it is set on the night before the harvest moon with Shirvi busy cleaning her home in preparation of the big festival.  Little Shirvi wanted to surprise her family with all the chores done…but the task ahead was daunting.

What transpires next is most enthralling, the arrival of little magical moon creatures who not only solve Shirvi’s dilemma, but also lead to the inception of Warli Wall paintings, a popular art form of India.

Dancing on the Walls is an apt name for the book as the story and the art form literally bring the wall alive with the dancing of magical creatures imbuing vivid imagination in the young readers mind.

The illustrations are magnificent - bold and colorful which helps build and retain the interest of the reader. The illustrator displays her skill giving careful attention and detail to the plot of the story.

A story that brings Indian culture alive, critical in today’s global world where in the pursuit of being international one tends to lose sight of one’s own roots.

A must read for kids who love a little fantasy and also enjoy art and culture.

This book is also available in Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, Marathi, Gujarati, Bangla

Reviewed by Priyamvada Das


I enjoyed reading out the book to my son.the book beautifully captures the spirit of magic...

This book reminds me of the nights we would sleep out in the open porch or terrace counting countless stars and making them seem to be talking to us and interacting with us in our imagination. I read this book at bed time to my kids. A great illustrated book! The language is simple yet takes the reader on this journey with the character. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it to my kids. As an Educational Therapist, I have used to this book to educate kids growing up in western culture. Art is a beautiful way to educate kids about their own culture and appreciate all kinds of art form.