Andaman Adventure
Deepak Dalal
age group: 
9+ yrs
Number of pages: 
Westland Ltd
tribes of India nature and wildlife Andaman Islands adventure


True to the adventure, the book, a VIKRAMADITYA Story, captures the nuances of taking a trip into a land that is rich in many a species that we share the planet with.
Just as we try to understand the behaviour and the personalities of those who we share our lives with so also there are minds that reach out to understanding the landscape and the other forms of life that w share this earth with. For one thing they have a right to life on the planet as much as each of us do, and for another it is both fascinating, mind blowing and laden with awe and adventure to enter their world.

Written with a great deal of detail that comes with trips into lands hitherto rarely visited, areas that have cast a sense of danger in the minds of city dwellers who wish to explore, it takes you into the fascinating world of the nature in its’ untampered-by- modernising’ state.
There are wild, dangerous crocodile, there are insects, there are birds and there are peoples who are known to ward of others by killing any outsider that comes within their circuit and flora and fauna that amaze the mind. There are boats and unpolluted lands that must only be traversed through dense forests. There are opposing groups who wish to get the upper hand on others by sheer force. It is a fight between spears and guns!!!!

And there are- poachers and smugglers out to exploit to the point of annihilation the animal world for the fanciful satisfactions of mans senses even if there are but transitory. Yet there are those who are there to raise a voice for the voiceless ad that calls for a daring that puts one’s life at stake. There are the far spaced forest officers as well.
Into this land of untamed earthy terrain inviting those with courage and a spirit adventure, a group of city bred youngsters- Vikram, Aditya and Chitra take a trip.
It is a land where you have to have spontaneous response to the awesome situations that one encounters.

Deepak has not diluted the narrative either in the description of the courageous personalities so vital to make such an adventurous trip-the thick of disaster- successful, but also painted, in words, the magnificence of the rich, lush, forests, the scary untamed wild life, fabulous beaches where the mind soars beyond all known boundaries, where such surfing could well land you in situations that call for quick, critical thinking, where your courage cannot afford to wither even for a moment.

Whether you are one to enjoy a series or are a one-off reader, go on an adventure with Deepak Dalal’s mind and words in just 150 odd pages and it will stay in your mind for a long time to come. It could egg you on an adventure trip!!

Reviewed by Padma Srinath