Deepak Dalal
Books by Deepak Dalal
True to the adventure, the book, a VIKRAMADITYA Story, captures the nuances of taking a trip into a land that is rich in many a species that we share...
Themes: adventure, Andaman Islands, nature and wildlife, tribes of India
Age group : 9+ yrs
151 pages
If you are worried about the tiger crisis and wish to initiate some discussions with your students, I’d recommend Ranthambore Adventure, the...
Themes: adventure, nature and wildlife, tigers
Age group : 9+ yrs
195 pages
The Sayhadri Adventure books by Deepak Dalal are part of the Vikram-Aditya series, often touted as the Hardy Boys duo of India.Unlike his previous...
Themes: adventure, historical, Sahyadri hills
Age group : 9+ yrs
0 pages
At a point in the book I wondered if I was reading about a tale of animal adventure or a abduction mystery novel!!! Actually it is both these...
Themes: adventure, Ladakh, nature and wildlife, snow leopards
Age group : 9+ yrs
170 pages