Illustrated by: Christiane Pieper
Age group: 5+ yrs
Publisher: Tara Books

A jungle friendship between a lost elephant and his host family - a herd of buffaloes

Illustrated by: Wen Hsu
Age group: 7+ yrs
Publisher: Katha

How can one go about weighing an elephant?

Illustrated by: Feeroozeh Golmohammadi
Age group: 5+ yrs
Publisher: Katha

The same truth is percieved differently by differnet people thus causing misunderstanding and strife

Illustrated by: Alankrita Jain
Age group: 0-3 yrs
Publisher: Tulika

A fun book trying to figure out who Boodabim is. A tiger? A butterfly? Or, an astronaut off into spacet?

Illustrated by: Venkat Raman Singh Shyam
Age group: 5+ yrs
Publisher: Pratham Books

Ambili, the little elephant overcomes her fear of the rain