Who are the Sentinelese? Why are they angry?


The Sentinelese are a negrito tribe who live on the North Sentinel Island of the Andamans. They bear resemblance to the other tribes of the Andamans, such as, the Onges, Jarawas and Great Andamanese. The latter are better known as there has been many intrusions into their habitat but not so in that of the Sentinelese, perhaps because the land they occupy has little commercial value. Also, as they value their privacy, they do not like intruders and are hostile to outsiders.

According to anthropologists the Sentinelese presence in the island has been confirmed to 2,000 years ago and more interestingly, genome studies indicate that they could have been on the islands even 30,000 years ago!

Who are these people? Why are they angry? Read these delightful adventures penned by two of the finest writers of today to get a glimpse into their lives.

Andaman Boy by Zai Whitaker: Arif, the protagonist, has run away from home and travels to the Andamans where he meets with the Jarawa. Through his experiences we get an insight into their traditions, customs, food habits and integrity. Their deep knowledge and respect for the environment and wise usage of its resources force the reader to re-think about the concepts of ‘civilization’ and ‘development’. One also learns about the challenges and threats that they face - in the guise of development and conniving officials.

Andaman Adventure Through this book Deepak Dalal takes you into the fascinating world of the nature in its’ untampered-by- modernising’ state.
There are wild, dangerous crocodile, there are insects, there are birds and there are peoples who are known to ward of others by killing any outsider that comes within their circuit and flora and fauna that amaze the mind. There are boats and unpolluted lands that must only be traversed through dense forests. There are opposing groups who wish to get the upper hand on others by sheer force. It is a fight between spears and guns!!!!