LRSIA 2018 - Reading List



A humorous story in which the round, fat and happy people of Bondapalli are in danger. How will they get out of it?

Grandma loses her glasses and there's hullabaloo in the house.

A fun story that gives the sometimes perceived as useless items many interesting new avatars!

What happens when an elephant catches a cold? Read this humourour tale to find out.

A whacky story of an hiccuping hippo who plops into the Lily Pond of the Gulmohur Jungle.

A vacation with long, impossible lists becomes the perfect setting for Princess Easy Pleasy's future holidaying ways.

How important is it to laugh at oneself? Very much. As we see in the book.

A cow settles down in the middle of the road. Who will succeed in getting her to move?



    'Bala meets another book-asura, Koobandhee, in a rollicking adventure of belonging and friendship and "sibling revelry"'

    A laugh out loud story that makes you fall in love with Apoorva and tells children in a non-didactic manner that looks don't matter - it's the heart that does.

    A roller-coaster adventure that's all about loving your grandparents in true Ninja style!

    How ‘fart’ can an adventure go? Clearly, very ‘fart’, indeed as you can see based on these three stories the authors had heard from their grandparents,

    Four children in a town called Babubari encounter hilarious characters and get embroiled in outrageous incidents - all linked in some way to the characters of the Ramayan.

    Another one in the series of the famous, hilariously clumsy, yet, very lovable Butterfingers.

    Timmi a precocious little girl has a runaway imagination

    King Vikram has a devil of a dilemma! Read the new twist to the old favourite - Vikram and Betal



      An unusual, humorous and poignant ghost story for teens - about good and evil, choices and coming to terms with life.

      The book features an urban Indian family - parents and two daughters. When old secrets come tumbling out that one of the siblings is adopted, the family turns inside out.

      An easy guide to everyday skills that will help teenagers grow into confident young adults.

      Brothers and wordsmiths Gobardhan and Harshabardhan serve us an incredible three-course meal - laughter for starters, main course and dessert!