Ammachi's Glasses
Priya Kuriyan
Priya Kuriyan
age group: 
0-3 yrs
Number of pages: 
wordless grandparents humour reading glasses


The cover says it all!

Who'd think of illustrating a children's book cover with an adorable, plump, tottering, teetering GRANNY as centre piece, a horrified little grand daughter looking on, a terrified dog and a cat doubling up with laughter? Author - illustrator Priya Kuriyan does - in this de- light - ful little book.

It's all pictures and no words. The pictures say it all, leaving the children to imagine the words as Ammachi ( the word for "Granny" in Kerala) wakes up and does not find her glasses by her bedside.

What follows is mayhem as Ammachi blinks blindly, eyes screwed up, staggers all over the house, trips over the dog, hangs out the cat instead of the washing and has various other hilarious misadventures through the day, driving her family up the wall. Looking on are her family and house pets having their own little stories going on on the sidelines.

The white haired, chubby and very lovable Ammachi looks like a traditional grandma and is the hero of the story with a mind of her own, doing as she pleases....even climbing trees!

This is a wonderful book for parents / grandparents to use to tell a story using the pictures rather than reading out pre- written lines. Or children can narrate the story as they flip the pages.

The bright cartoon-like illustrations are most evocative with expressive eyes and outrageously funny details that both children and adults will chuckle over again and again.

I even used the book with my students to imagine they were the author - writing out the story to go with each illustrated page. The 8-13 year olds enjoyed it thoroughly, getting ideas for describing the setting, the characters and their feelings.

The book lends itself easily to lots of creative speaking, reading and writing activities.

Priya Kuriyan's brilliant illustrations capture the nuances and ambience of a typical home with children, pets and hassled parents. The author's attention to detail will definitely be appreciated by children.

Truly a treat for little ones - and grown ups- alike!

Reviewed by Urmila Ramakrishna