Children's Day - A Time to Contemplate


What's the overarching purpose of having a day designated as Children's Day?

Year after year oodles of fun and games are planned for kids to celebrate their special day (and they do enjoy themselves) but then immediately after 14th November is over the goal of improving the quality of life of our children is once again put on the backburner and things continue as usual.
Is that what Children’s Day is all about for us in India? An annual ritualistic token?

Instead, can every Children's Day become a reminder; a wake-up call to introspect on what we need to do, to keep our kids safe and healthy, not just their physical well-being but their mental and emotional well-being as well. We want them to be happy not just on Children's Day but through all of their precious childhood years.

As responsible adults – parents, educationists and government authorities could there be debates and discussions on what can we offer our children so that they grow into happy, confident and responsible young adults. What facilities do we need to provide them? Do we need to tweak the education system or even revamp it, if need be so that... 
...we ensure that their lives are relatively stress-free with no heightened academic and other pressures.
...we provide them streams in the curriculum to enable them to choose their livelihood according to their inherent strengths.
...we keep alive the creative spark in every child, instead of dousing it out with rote learning and many a times, irrelevant education?
...we enable access to informal learning by providing good quality libraries - both school and public, thus providing them a window to the world. 
...we provide them with playgrounds and parks to play and run around and enjoy after the day’s work. 

Talking of libraries here are some of the best BOOKS that you can gift children (of all ages) on their special day!

So, let's all join hands and work towards that brighter future of our children, thus ensuring a brighter future for the world!