Razia Mitha

Razia Mitha has done her degree in Early Childhood Education from Sophia College. Before that her interest in education led her to volunteer as a substitute teacher at St Mary’s ICSE Mumbai and The Diamond Jubilee Boys School, Mumbai. After completion of her Degree Course Razia was involved with the education of pre-schoolers at Casa Bambino, Mumbai.

However her proudest moments were over the period of the next twelve years with the opening of thirty Day Care Centres in the interiors of Gujarat and Maharashtra in far flung villages that had little access to basic amenities.. This was under the aegis of the Aga Khan Foundation, where she later became a Director.

Razia also volunteered at Akbar Peerbhoy Polytech of Anjuman Islam where she trained Pre Primary teachers in communication skills.

She continues her passion for teaching young minds by volunteering time at Muktangan where she teaches underprivileged children in the age group of five to twelve years.