Whispers in the Classroom, Voices on the Field
various authors
Priya Kuriyan
age group: 
12+ yrs
Number of pages: 
Wisdom Tree
school friendship
Realistic Fiction


Whispers in the Classroom, Voices on the Fields is a wonderful anthology of short stories, taking the reader down memory lane. It brings together thirty one of the most sensitive contemporary children's Indian writers.


The stories capture a vast array of childhood experiences, from a young girl in the 1800s whose family is hesitant to send her to school, to a Muslim boy’s difficult times in a madrasa, to a girl struggling with dyslexia. Many school experiences, from the delightful to the mundane, the thought-provoking to the routine - the many incidents that define school-life are neatly encapsulated between the covers. You can’t help finding yourself in one or more of these moments.

All of us have some story to tell, some anecdote to share, memories to revisit from the institution where we end up spending a considerable part of our life. There is something for everyone in this anthology, and though the writing is deliberately lucid and simple for young adults to enjoy, the moments are nostalgic enough for any age. That is the book’s greatest strength. 

Reviewed by Donna Reen


Whispers in the Classroom Voices in the Field is an awesome collection of different realistic fiction short stories worth reading.
It share with us the different problems or situations faced in life by a student. From the story of a dyslexic child to a child troubled due to religion, shows us the actual thinking of the world. It tries to share us the feelings of such a child and also give us a solution. It has thought provoking ideas. The author has very well understood the child psychology of a student and has compiled various stories in order to widen our view as well ,due to its strong writing skills, made us feel the actual story and character.The author has actually shown us instead of telling.
This book needs recognition and commendation as it is remarkable. It can instantly connect a child to the character's world, only because of its simple language and relatable thoughts..All of us have at least once have gone through any one of these situations or maybe just witnessed it.And that's the strength, of the book, connecting to the real life of a student.
Truly, it gave me a thrilling, exciting and a wonderful experience and I think everyone should go through it.