Where's the Baby gone?
Sangeeta Bahuguna
age group: 
3+ yrs
Number of pages: 
picture book, fiction, concept book

Children will be thrilled to follow the tracks of the baby as she waddles through the house, spilling things all over the floor and eagerly turn the pages of the book to find out where the baby has gone. 

An appealing and innovative way to introduce colours to the preschooler. The familiar is used to reinforce colours – red sauce, green chutney, black polish, brown mud. Everyday things found around the house! Minimal text with more focus on the colour adds appeal to the early learner. Illustrations too are caricatured effectively highlighting the colour.

However, parents will have to explain certain unfamiliar items - such as, marmalade and ink.

All in all, an excellent way to make children aware of colours that exist all around them! 

Reviewed by Donna Reen