Walk the Grasslands with Takuri
Maya Ramaswamy
age group: 
9+ yrs
Number of pages: 
nature and wildlife grasslands elephants
picture book, non-fiction


Informative, packed with interesting facts and trivia, this series is a useful additions to most book collections. The aim of these books, written by biologists and conservation professionals, is to fill children with wonder for the world around them. And they succeed to a large extent.

In the book about the vast grasslands, our guide is a pygmy hog called Takuri. He tells us about the great carpets of grass that cover the earth and are home to so many species of animals. He tells us about the versatile bamboo, the rare birds of the Terai including the weaver bird that stitches together its unique nests, the wallowing rhinos and pygmy hogs, the world's smallest pigs.

But the grasslands are under attack. More and more grasslands are being converted into farms and coming under cultivation. "Without grasslands, pygmy hogs like me will be left homeless," says Takuri. "Do you want to help save our home and our lives?"

The book brought out in collaboration with the World Wildlife Fund comes with activities, interesting maps and quizzes. Admittedly, the writing could have been livelier and the material is somewhat patchy. 

But all in all an interesting, eye-opening read. b


Reviewed by Shabnam Minwalla