The Veena Player
Anjali Raghbeer
Soumya Menon
age group: 
7+ yrs
Number of pages: 
Ravi Varma Indian artists contemporary art
picture book, biographical fiction


This story is part of the Looking at Art series aimed at awakening an interest in art and artists among young readers.

The book captures the transition of a bored city kid into an art lover, when she is introduced to the world of Ravi Varma’s paintings during her vacation.

The story swings between fact and fantasy as Valsa, gets acquainted with The Veena Player in the painting. She tries to help her and in the process becomes instrumental in the restoration of the painting.

Interesting facts about the painter and his works crop up within the story without disturbing the narrative. The bibliography at the end gives the reader a glimpse into the times and life of Ravi Varma and, the lasting impact that he has had in the art world, and on the common man of India.

The simple and straightforward language, the illustrations and the reproductions of the paintings beautifully complement the narrative.

Guaranteed to arouse any young reader’s interest in art and the great artist.


Reviewed by Donna Reen