Two Friends
Reenie Kaur
Anup Ray
age group: 
7+ yrs
Number of pages: 
National Book Trust
value education friendship bees
picture book, fiction

An unusual story of friendship!

This story is a tale of a bond between a carpenter and a bee. And this is how it all started. One day, a carpenter was working very hard. Sweat trickled down from his forehead and fell on a tiny bee buzzing nearby. The bee nearly drowned. On seeing that, the carpenter, rescued him and from that day onwards, Blip the bee, and Josie the carpenter, were fast friends. So much so, that Blip actually started to sleep in Josie’s soft and cosy beard.

One day, some thieves arrived. They wanted to take away all the beautiful furniture made by Josie, and so, as in true friendship, the bee went to his rescue.
Another tale to prove the old adage, ‘One good turn deserves another!’

Beautifully illustrated with large attractive images, the book is sure to enchant a child.

Reviewed by Shamim Padamsee