Turtle Story
Kartik Shanker
Maya Ramaswamy
age group: 
5+ yrs
Number of pages: 
Pratham Books
turtles reptiles marine life
picture book, realistic fiction

Ever wondered what the life of a turtle must be like? Here in this book children are taken on a journey right from the day a little Olive Ridley hatchling is born, full circle until she is an adult making her way back to Gahirmati beach in Orissa, India to lay her own eggs to complete the circle of life.

During this journey, one meets many other turtle species, such as, the Hawksbill, the Leatherback and the Green Turtle.

One also learns many interesting details, such as, the younger turtles and other tiny marine creatures taking shelter in a seaweed raft and sometimes staying in it for years, until old enough to face the daunting life of the vast marine world.

The book also introduces us to the threats faced by the turtles, right from turtle-eating fish to trawling nets, which trap the hapless creatures.

Beautifully illustrated, the images are larger than life, filling up an entire page and thus giving the book a veritable zing.

A great book to introduce children to the world of turtles, in particular, and marine life of India, in general!

Kudos to Pratham Books for bringing out a Nature Series, of which this is the very first offering. It is a much needed series and we hope to see many more interesting titles focussing on Indian wildlife in the coming years!

A must have for every school library!

Reviewed by Sunanda Sharma