A Tree in My Village
Paritosh Sen
Paritosh Sen
age group: 
12+ yrs
Number of pages: 
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Growing up in Dhaka, the renowned artist, Paritosh Sen was one of 20 children in the family. He was considered as the high priest of modern Bengali art.  Knowing from a very young age that he wanted to paint, he ran away from home to study in the Madras art College and finally made his way to Paris to study art, where he even met with Pablo Picasso. Picasso's colours had  astrong influence on him and one can sense that through his bold brush strokes and strong colour palette that breathe life into the illustrations - revealing the beauty of the trees and its denizens through the seasons.

This book written and illustrated by the artist himself, resonates with rich poetic imagery, Sen reminiscences about his idyllic childhood days, in particular an Arjuna tree near his home, that was home to myriads of creatures big and small.

The book is an ode to the celebration of nature and will appeal to all nature and art lovers. To quote:

In spring I saw it (the tree) attired in its satin greenery with a dazzling motif of a bunch of butter-coloured flowers embroidered with gold thread all over. It was like a piece of intricately designed Banaras brocade. I also saw the first rain-laden indgo cloud hit the crown on the tree....as if by a sleight of hand, the parched earth was dramatically transformed into an emerald carpet.
What a sight and what a sensation! All the birds, all the insects, in fact every living thing in and around it, danced with joy.

The glossary on the artist’s life and the various phases of his art is an added bonus.

A veritable treat!

Reviewed by Shamim Padamsee