A Tale of Two Dogs
Dipak Praharaj
Arya Praharaj
age group: 
5+ yrs
Number of pages: 
National Book Trust
value education pets dogs
picture book, fiction

A very simple story with a very clear message. One does not need to be a thoroughbred animal to be able to do what one is supposed to. Being rich or poor, or knowing many 'tricks' has nothing to do with being brave, smart and helpful.

Two friends - one rich and the other poor, both get dogs for pets. The rich boy's dog learns many tricks, whereas, the poor boy's dog knows none.
However, when thieves enter the house of the rich boy and are making off with a sackful of valuables, it is the poor boy's dog who is alert and successfully nabs the crooks. The grateful rich boy wants to reward the poor friend, who refuses to accept any money. The rich boy then decides that the best way to let this friend know how much he appreciated his pet's actions, was to throw a party in his honour and present the dog with a medal for bravery!

Minimal text and beautiful lay-out with two page spread images in vibrant colours, juxtaposed with solid black figures, makes the book one that children will be automatically drawn towards.

Reviewed by Rifat Tejani