Stitching Stories
Nina Sabnani
Nina Sabnani
age group: 
9+ yrs
Number of pages: 
around India embroidery Art and craft Rajasthan
non-fiction, art



A powerful and effective story of women who have learnt to adapt to earth-shaking events in their lives - having been displaced from their homes after the Indo-Pak war. The story has been illustrated by a traditional sewing and textiles technique developed by the Kutch community, who are from a coastal region in Ahmedabad.

A BOOK that is about sharing, cooperation, and learning to live in harmony with each other.

A BOOK that is an engaging introduction to art and the artist through story, memoir and biography.

A BOOK that makes its statement clearly and simply, both in words and pictures, having text that is beautifully balanced in narrative style embroidery.

A BOOK that mesmerizes one with the beauty of the composition and the variety of motifs.

Seldom does one see a book in India for children that delves into the strong tradition of embroidery as an art form, displaying its artistic and aesthetic beauty.  One that has been nurtured by women and handed down from mother to daughter over the generations.

The Stitching Stories is based on the The Stitches Speak, a short animation film that has been awarded the Ledo Matteoli Award for the Best Immigration Story.

Reviewed by Shamim Padamsee