Saving the Gulmohur
Nandini Oberoi
Vidya Saxena
age group: 
5+ yrs
Number of pages: 
trees conservation Chipko movement activisim
Picture book, fiction


The Chipko movement has been the source of inspiration to people all around the world. People have admired the courage of the simple village women who hugged the trees and were ready to lay down their lives rather than allow the woodcutter’s axe harm them.

Many authors in India too, have drawn inspiration from this unique movement and penned down stories encouraging children to actively lobby against the wanton destruction of our flora and fauna.

Five friends have a tree-house built atop an old Gulmohur tree in an adjoining vacant plot. One day, however, they get to know about plans to build an apartment block in that very plot. As a result of which the tree was to be chopped down.

Aghast, they decide to try and save the old tree, as it was not just a fun place for them, but also home to many monkeys, birds and insects.

They try to reason with the developer but when that attempt fails, they decide to adopt the Chipko model and hug the tree!

This heart-warming story conveys several important, albeit subtle messages to children.

It encourages kids to make their voices be heard to protect the trees in their own living spaces. It spreads the message of conservation and positive activism. And lastly, it conveys a message of strength in unity.

Adequately illustrated, the book will appeal to a child seven years and above.The glossary also gives some interesting information on the gulmohur tree as well as how to get natural colours for Holi.

Reviewed by Shamim Padamsee