Ruskin Bond
Shamim Padamsee
Rayika Sen
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9+ yrs
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Writer Ruskin Bond
biography concept book, non-fiction


Ruskin Bond is one of India's most popular writers. Although, he has written many books for adults as well, he is widely known and revered as an author of children's books. His books are today the most sought after by kids, as they reflect the sheer joy of living and loving. They are often philosophical and provide food for thought penned in his usual tongue-in-cheek humour. This book unravels his life's journey through all its ups and downs none of which deterred him from his determination to be a writer.
Presented through both comics and text as part of Scholastic's Great Lives series. this book takes a look at the life of this remarkable writer.

When requested for a foreword to the book he wrote:

"Being an old-fashioned, lazy sort of fellow, I should really be writing a Backword instead of a Foreword, and it ought to appear at the ned of this book instead of at the beginning.

As the author of many books, it's nice to have someone else doing all the writing, making me he subject of a colourful graphic biography, full of kind words and lively pictures. It make me feel like a comic book hero!

But I'm no hero. I have more in common with a spider that with Spiderman, more affinity with a bat than with Batman. Like a spider, I sit quietly on a wall and wait for stories (rather than insects) to come to me. And like abat, I have been known to roam about in the night--again, looking for stories.

I have been doing this for over sixty-five years, and my story cupboard is overflowing.

I now pass the baton on to the many talented young writers who are the storytellers of tomorrow.

And i hope this story of my writing life--told so lovingly by Shamim Padamsee and wonderfully illustrated by Rayika Sen--will help others on the way to becoming good readers, good writers, good people."

Ruskin Bond
Landour, Mussoorie

Reviewed by Shyama Krebs