The Runaway Wheel
Asha Nehemiah
Subir Roy
age group: 
3+ yrs
Number of pages: 
tractor humour
picture book

Young readers love books that are a fun read and, The Runaway Wheel by Asha Nehemiah falls right into that category.

'Runaway' books have always been a source of great fun and merriement, and some of them, like The Gingerbread Man and The Runaway Peppercorn have gone on to be all time favourites.

In this book, Little Ramu and Kamala are excited when the circus comes to town.  And, when father agrees to take them to the circus in his shiny, new red tractor, they are overjoyed. All is well, until one of the tractor tyres gets a puncture at the very top of the hill. Father changes the tyre and asks his children to hold on to the old one, whilst he put his tools away. However, the children, distracted by the sight of an eagle let go of the tyre and off it goes, rolling down the hill and far away. Ramu, Kamala, their father and mother all chase it. as, it rolls along, but unfortunately, a watermelon seller, a milkman and a washer man are in the way of the runaway tyre. Will it pass them by harmlessly or will mayhem result? 

Young readers will love this book, replete with gentle humor, with repetitive elements in the story.

This book that won a prize in a competition conducted by CBT for Indian writers. Six reprints vouchsafe for the continued popularity of the book. The adventures of the truant tyre and the lovely illustrations by Subir Roy make for a light-hearted but memorable read.

Reviewed by Sunanda Sharma