Run Ranga! Run!
Srivi Kalyan
age group: 
3+ yrs
Number of pages: 
rhinoceros poaching nature and wildlife Kaziranga conservation
picture book, fiction


What is it like to be a baby rhinoceros? What do they eat? How do they eat? Whom do they fear?

This delightfully illustrated book, with its soft gentle palette of colors, starts with the birth of little Ranga. We see her mother nudging her to get on to her feet, for although the adult rhinoceros is more feared than afraid, the young ones are quite vulnerable and are easy prey to predators. Hence, the mother's first instinct is to get her baby on her feet, even before she nurses it. Through the course of the book, we learn that and much, much more about the big, beautiful beasts, that are slowly facing extinction, as they are being heartlessly killed for their horns which are supposed to have medicinal values. All too often, the animal is caught, their horns mercilessly chopped off and they are left to die in agony.

Books such as these are a wake-up call and play an important role in creating an awareness about the fate of our wildlife and the dire need for conservation. Unless the younger generations grow up to be aware and concerned adults, the future is quite bleak. Future generations will only experience a silent jungle - devoid of India's rich flora and fauna.

The end notes of the book are very valuable as they throw more light on these magnificent animals and make a heartfelt plea to save them from the clutches of the mercenary poachers.

Minimal text and great layout with a lot of white space, is sure to appeal to children of all ages.

Reviewed by Shamim Padamsee