The Rooster and the Sun
Meren Imchen
Meren Imchen
age group: 
5+ yrs
Number of pages: 
sun roosters folktales farmers
picture book, folktale


This folk tale conveys a subtle message that human beings are never grateful for the gifts of nature bestowed on them.  When it is cold we want the heat, when it is hot we want the cold.

One day, a farmer was working in his field, the bright sun shining on him made him hot and uncomfortable.  He shouts at the sun, for shining so brightly.  The sun  feels hurt, goes to bed and refuses to shine for the next few days plunging earth into darkness.

The farmer is remorseful for his ingratitude and sends several emissaries to convey his apologies to the sun, but all his efforts are in vain, until a clever rooster tricks the sun into rising.

The story is bilingual: printed in both English and Hindi making it easier for a child to read and understand the text with which she is not so familiar.

 Stylistic illustrations in the Ao tradition of north-east India the author/illustrator conveys to the book an earthy charm.   

This book is bilingual and is available in English with Hindi/ Tamil/ Kannada/ Telugu/ Bangla

Reviewed by Shamim Padamsee